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A Bag Full Of
Story, Lyrics and Music by Tom Northam (ASCAP)
Musical Orchestration by Ron Pronk
A Three-Act Musical-Comedy
(Run time is 2:00 hours)
Show Synopsis
The story centers on Maggie Hill, an unmarried, newly retired school teacher attempting to supplement her meager pension by selling Miracle Products, and Lady Anne Windesmeer, a recent widow who has been swindled by an unscrupulous lawyer. Brought together by their common financial straits, the two seniors convert Lady Anne's San Francisco home into a bed and breakfast, which becomes the setting for a cast of characters that bring with them hilarity, intrigue, romance, warmth, and a twisting chain of events that will shake up your audience in more ways than one. They're also sure to leave the theatre humming the memorable songs woven throughout this funny yet sensitive look at senior life. (7 female, 8 male, 8+/- ensemble.)
Story, Musc & Lyrics by Tom Northam (ASCAP)
Musical Arrangements by Dale E. Wise, MME
An uplifting and delightful Three-Act musical-comedy centering on the life of Cordy Shelburne, an abused elderly widow, who discovers the meaning of life and the joys of living while surviving on the streets of Washington, DC. By applying the wise and sage advice of a bag lady named Duchess, she enriches not only her own life, but others she meets along the way. Lead roles are all seniors (2 Women, 2 Men), 6 Intergenerational minor characters (2 Women, 4 Men), Ensemble: at least a double quartet for three major numbers with minimal choreography. One set - A park with a Concession Trailer sited at 15th Street and Constitution Ave. (Run time 2:0 hours)Scheduled to be released on January 2012
Other Productions in Development
A Two-Act musical extravaganza centered around the life of Joseph of Nazareth. Will have a cast of approximately 50 actors, singers, dancers and live animals. Scheduled for 2014 Release.

A Three-Act Musical-Comedy
Story, Lyrics and Music Copyright 2003 by Tom Northam
Musical Orchestration by Ron Pronk
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The Sandcrabs, Faded Pictures, The Life and Times of the Robt. E. Lee,
Standing Ovation
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A TRIBUTE TO VALOR, is a narrative intermingled with confederate songs centered around the lives of the "ordinary soldier,"the un-sung heroes of the War Between the States (1861-1865). This spellbinding program was presented to the National Assembly of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Tom Northam is an award-winning entertainer, singer, playwright, composer, and actor who has appeard on stages throughout the United States and Europe.
Songs: God Save The South, The Bonnie Blue Flag, Homespun Dress, The Young Volunteer, Goober Peas, Mister Here's Your Mule, The Rebel Soldier, Stonewall Jackson's Way, Riding A Raid, I Can Whip The Soundrel, All Quiet On The Potomac Tonight, America, Dixie's Land, God Bless America, The Star Spangled Banner.
Available in CD or Cassette for $15.00

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